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Lotus Child Montessori

Lotus Child Montessori is a true Montessori early childhood school serving the families of Fair Oaks and the surrounding communities.  Lotus Child is owned and directed by Tamara Mohler who has experience working in both public and private Montessori classrooms since 2000.  Tamara holds a bachelor’s degree in child development, a California multi-subject teaching credential, a master’s degree in education and a Montessori training certificate for early childhood.

Lotus Child Montessori is operated under the philosophy that children are born peaceful in nature and are the key to a more peaceful society.  The children served by Lotus Child are surrounded with experiences that foster order, coordination, concentration, independence, self-awareness and peaceful being.  The atmosphere and teaching style at Lotus Child Montessori models compassion for others while encouraging independence, constructive problem solving, positive self-esteem and improved self worth.  The philosophy at Lotus Child encourages parent involvement resulting in a vibrant community based around the school and its participating families.

Tamara came up with the name Lotus Child Montessori after extensive work with a peace education curriculum developed by her friend and mentor Sonnie McFarland.  After presenting the peace education lessons to her kindergarten students Tamara observed a pronounced change in the ways her students treated both one another and the classroom environment.  The lotus flower is a key component in many of the peace education lessons and is the namesake of Tamara’s school.

In 2008 Tamara was introduced to Karen Lecy the owner of the school property and the two began discussing the possibility of once again having a Montessori school at the Bannister facility.  Karen owned and operated a Montessori school on the site in the 1970’s and 1980’s and later sold her business to another area Montessorian Norman Lorenz who operated a Montessori school on the site through the 1990’s.  The business was sold a few more times until only a small Waldorf home daycare was being operated at the facility.  Karen’s love for the Montessori pedagogy motivated her to seek out someone who would like to open a new Montessori school once again at the lovely Bannister property.  The birth of Tamara’s daughter Marin, in August 2009, delayed the progress of opening the school but gave Tamara even more motivation to pursue her dream because it has always been Tamara’s wish to participate fully in the formative years (0-6) of her children. Opening Lotus Child Montessori allows Tamara to do this while sharing her love and respect for the developing child with other teachers, parents and children. Tamara is committed to running a school where the child’s best interest is the first priority and the Montessori pedagogy is practiced at its best. Her guiding vision for Lotus Child Montessori is to create a family learning community that feels GREAT to be part of.