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Primary Care schedule of activities        

-------- Primary Program --------

Primary program serves children three years old through six years old or through entry into 1st grade.  Children must be toilet trained and developing independence with personal care skills when starting in our primary program. In special circumstances, such as a child moving from a Montessori toddler program to our primary program or a child who is advanced with their personal care skills, a child may begin at the latter end of their two-year-old year. The academic Montessori program is in session from 8:30AM – 3:00PM, with 8:30AM to 11:45AM or 8:30AM to 12:25PM schedules also available.  LCM offers enrollment options consisting of five-, four-, and three-day programs.  LCM encourages families to consider a program of four or more school days per week because in our experience it is often challenging for children to get into a routine when coming less often.

During the hours of 8:30AM – 3:00PM a structured Montessori program is facilitated by trained Montessori teachers and support staff including circle time, uninterrupted work period, outdoor play, lunch period and optional nap or rest time.  The Montessori pedagogy strives to educate the whole child and LCM adopts this philosophy.  Lessons given during work time include language development, writing, math, practical life, sensorial, peace education and cultural subjects such as art, music, botany, gardening, zoology, geography, history and physical education including yoga and outdoor play.

Our primary program is a traditional Montessori mixed age group consisting of three year olds, four year olds, five year olds and six year olds. It is most beneficial for children to begin in this class during their three-year-old year and continue for three years (through Kindergarten). This allows children to complete the cycle of curriculum designed for children this age. However, we invite children to enter our program at any point during this developmental stage and have seen children flourish with only one year of Montessori “Pre School” or “Kindergarten”. Montessori in the early years (0 to 6) helps to instill a love for learning which will prepare a child for whatever school setting they will enter for elementary school. A Montessori early childhood foundation is especially important for children when their families intend for them to continue in a Montessori school for their elementary years. So important, in fact, that local Montessori charter schools recognize at least one year of Montessori experience in their lottery admissions process.

This class is facilitated by a trained Montessori teacher and two assistaints. This class serves 24 children in the morning and 18 to 20 (some of which nap) in the afternoon each day. We offer a limited number of part time schedules and usually keep the class roster at around 32 total.

Our school calendar runs from September 1st through June 30th.  LCM takes legal national holidays, staff development days, approximately one week in winter, one week in spring and two weeks in summer with no day care available. In the spring of each year an interest survey is taken from families who are enrolled in the school and who are intending to enroll for the next year regarding enrollment for the summer months. The schedule for the summer program will be published in mid May based on the needs of our current families. We cannot guarantee a full time schedule for July and August. For these months, families can sign up and pay by the week.  This provides for family vacations and a more flexible schedule in the summer.