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-------- Toddler Program Schedule of Activities --------

8:40am -8:50am Drop off/ Greeting
8:40am-9:00am Outside time and transition inside
9:00am-9:10am Circle Time/Songs (No drop off between 9:00-9:15)
9:00am-11:00am Independent work time, snack, art, toileting/diapering

Outside playtime

11:30am-11:45pm Circle/Literature/Movement
11:45am Pick up for half day children or prep for lunch (toileting, hand washing)
11:45am- 12:20pm Lunch (parents provide their child with a well balanced lunch, drinks are provided by the school)

Transition for nap, toileting/diapering, hand washing, stories



2:40pm- 2:50pm

Transition from nap, toileting/diapering


Full day pick up


After school care for children who are at least 24 months:  non-academic choice activities in a less structured Montessori prepared environment, outdoor play and snack provided.